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Pueo Papamū

Pueo Papamū

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Are you ready to take the next step? The only way to get better is to play someone better than yourself. Our Pueo Papamū is designed for that competitive player ready to step up their game. We are introducing the future of Kōnane. Our notation design opens up a whole new world of competition. You're not in Kansas anymore. This Papamū will take you into the deep water, where you can learn from your mistakes to prevent the frenzy from happening again. In addition, you can record those mistakes for future study in strategic and tactical development. Want to play someone two thousand miles away? The Pueo papamū will allow text, phone, or video conferencing; bring that player before you. Are you tired of watching YouTube videos of people playing? Now, commentary can be part of the viewer's experience. It's time to take that next step in your growth as a player.

Everything you'll need is in our `ili bag. The marbles and rule card make tuck in your bag or car's glove compartment convenient. If it's a bit breezy outside, there is plenty of room for four to six 3/4-sized washers.

Like our Holoholo Papamū, the Pueo is perfect for taking anywhere, anytime, to play a game of Kōnane. Or call a friend and get down to a contest.
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