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Holoholo Papamu Hawaiian Orange

Holoholo Papamu Hawaiian Orange

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In Hawaiian, Holoholo means to travel. Our Holoholo Papamū is perfect for taking anywhere, anytime, to play a game of Kōnane. We have created this innovative design to play Kōnane right with over ten years of research, eliminating common mistakes on wooden boards. The black and white holes are marked so students can play right all the time.

Everything you'll need is in our `ili bag. The marbles and rule card makes it convenient to tuck in your bag or glove compartment of your car. If it's a little breezy outside, there is plenty of room for four to six 3/4 sized washers. The Holoholo Papamū also comes in five fun colors for everyone in your family.

Hawaiian Oranges can be some of the ugliest you'll ever see but some of the sweetest your lips will ever touch. Never judge a book by its cover, and in Kōnane, that statement rings true. How many times what I thought would be a pushover become a battle for my pride. When a first-time match is between the parent and the child, I'll put my money on the child. I've seen it time after time the child beating the parent. Because the parent overthinks the game, and the child is just having fun.  

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