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Boom Kōnane

Boom Kōnane

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Eh, you play Kōnane? Now is your chance to learn how to play from anywhere in the US.

Boom Kōnane is a new way to learn and play Kōnane via video conferencing.

Our Boom Kōnane package includes our newly designed Pueo Papamū with everything you need to play. Rule card with information and email support. A set of black and white flat marbles in a burlap `ili bag to hold everything you'll need. A one-hour group session with other beginners as we teach you how to play and answer any questions you may have about Kōnane. This package also includes a thirty-minute one-on-one follow-up session to ensure you know everything you need to continue playing at the highest level.

Our one-hour group session is on the second Saturday of the month, starting at 6:00 am. Hawaii time. If you can't make the 6:00 am or live in Hawai'i, we also offer an 8:00 am Hawaii time.
You'll have to adjust your local time depending on where you live.

For your one-to-one, thirty-minute session, we will schedule a different time via email.

You must install the Zoom app on your device before the day of our session and have a good internet connection.

Do you need a different schedule? I can customize a convenient time for you at an additional cost.

It would be best if you also had a playing partner when participating in all of our sessions.

Any more questions? Visit my blog Papamū University for more information.
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