The ladies from Pennsylvania put together the best battle of the day.
I was at the Grove Farm Farmer's Market for the first half of the day, teaching and selling Konane.

Back at the store, these two were intense, focused, and taking their time. A sign of true thinkers.
This was a close match. It was White's move. In the live play, White took
A-5 to A-3 She didn't take the double.
Black takes D-6 to D-5
White takes E-4 to C-4
Black takes B-2 to B-4
White C-4 to A-4 for the win
Congratulations Ladies. You both did well.

Analysis of the match.

Again, this was a close match. It could have gone either way, depending on the moves.

It's White's move, and White only has one move, with two options with B-5 to B-3 or B-5 to B-1 (Double), which gives Black a free move (A-1 to C-1). However, White did make the right move by not taking the double. This action could confuse Black to jump towards where White has more resources.

Black should have moved B-2 to B-4 instead of D-6 to D-4. This would have forced White to take D-5 to B-5, whereas Black's `ili ili on B-4 would have been waiting for White for the win.

What if White took the double? B-5 to B-1

Taking the double can have a psychological effect on your opponent. It can trigger an emotional response based on vengeance and break their concentration just enough for them to react negatively.

White B-5 to B-1. Black jumps on A-1 to C-1 for revenge, and Black loses with White D-5 to B-5.

Let's say that White takes the double and Black (Cool Hand Luke) takes C-5 to E-5. This forces White into two bad options. E-4 to E-6 and the quick loss with Black D-6 to F-6 or F-5 to D-5 for a fighting chance. At this point, White is going to lose, but can Back win using the least amount of resources? If now Black takes his free move with A-1 to C-1 game over using the least amount of resources for the win.

But if Black is not paying attention and takes D-6 to D-4. Then we see a chain reaction of White E-4 to C-4 and then Black C-3 to C-5 for the win.

This was their first match, and little did they know how deep into Kōnane they got. The ladies from Pennsylvania did good.

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