Kupuna, Kōnane and Zoom

Kupuna, Kōnane and Zoom

Ok, I know what you're thinking. Kupuna, Zoom, and workshops could be a better mix. Thus, my anticipation and restless nights were spent thinking about the strategy I would need to accomplish this feat.

In the past, at the Anahola Clubhouse, when I did all of my workshops face-to-face and with wooden boards, the Kupuna struggled to remember the color they were, and they kept getting the `ili `ili into the wrong colored hole. This became frustrating for them and a challenge for me to come up with a solution.

A Kupuna community on the island of O'ahu wanted to add more Hawaiian cultural programs to their activities and purchased a large amount of Holoholo Papamū from me. So, I was excited to work with them to see if some of my theories were true.

My Holoholo Papamū was designed to make it easier to teach because the holes are clearly marked, unlike my wooden boards of the past.

I also recommended that they sew some Black and White scrunchies to help identify what color they were. The White scrunchie would be placed on the wrist of the White player to help remind them what color they were. They didn't have the scrunchies for this workshop, but they will for their upcoming big event. Their only challenge was remembering their color, but the marked holes solved one of the biggest challenges.

This was my first Zoom workshop, and it went smoothly. It also allowed me to solve a significant challenge that had haunted me for years. Getting deep into Kōnane helps solve issues. It forces you to adapt and come up with new theories to try. Making mistakes is a part of life. The victory is not in the win but in handling the loss and that my friend is Kōnane.
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