June 25th 2023 Konane game analysis

June 25th 2023 Konane game analysis

The Konane endgame is the most critical part. In this scenario, It's Black's move. Black has the dominant position now, but White has a chance if Black messes up. What does Black have to do to maintain position? There are two moves Black could do to jeopardize this game. What are they?

When playing Kōnane, the first thing I like to do is to evaluate the situation before I make a move. By the way, I'm Black, and it's my move. 

  • Everything on the 6 lines is just noise, so I eliminate those pieces from my focus. Now D-6 could come into play, but it would benefit me. But the chances are too slim for me to invest time in thinking. 
  • White owns the 4 line. I can't do anything right now. 
  • The 1 line is locked with E-1 could create havoc. 

What would you do? Or what shouldn't you do?

Of course, the winning move is F-2 to F-4, now Black is protecting the 4 line. 

Black F-2 to F-4

White was forced to take C-4 to E-4

Black F-4 to D-4

White A-4 to E-4 (Double)

Black E-1 to E-5 (Double) To force White to take

White F-1 to F-3

Black C-1 to E- 1 for the win

But this exercise is more about what not to do in this case for Black.

F-2 has two options, and E-1 has one. Both could cost Black the game. 


Let's try the E-1 Option

Black E-1 to E-3

White F-3 to D-3

Now Black has to make a tough decision. Gamble D-4 to D-2 or C-1 to E-1. Let's say Black decides to move C-1 to E-1

Black C-1 to E-1. If I was White I would leave F-1 to protect the 1 line because I don't have to move this one right now and run the 4 line. 

White C-4 to E-4

Black A-1 to C-1

White now has three options for the win. 

A-4 to C-4 (good for preserving resources)

F-1 to F-3 (suitable for keeping resources)

F-1 to B-1 consuming more resources than needed for the win. (Not so good)


Let's try the F-2 Suicide Option 

Black F-2 to D-2

White C-4 to E-4 for the win

I have seen more players lose to themselves than lose to their opponents. Just remember time is a resource, and taking your time can make all the difference. 

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